Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 5th March 2021 Written Episode

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Chanda Says Do Something That Breaks Mahi’s Wedding With Arjun And Makes Him Marry Me. He Says Yes, Jogi. He Says This One-Sided Love Will Ruin Mahi’s Wedding.

Rupa Calls Jogi And Says We Reached Here. Are You Okay? He Says Yes. It Was Two Days Love Only. She Says When Your Intentions Are Pure, Two Days’ Love Is Stronger Than Years Old Love. Why Are You Silent? He Says Nothing. Jogi Looks At Mahi’s Handkerchief. He Says I Wish You Made Me A Little Evil. I Wish I Didn’t Forget Everything In Love And The One Who Would Do Flirt. How Should I Stay Strong?

Arjun Is Drinknig In Anger. He Says No One Can Stop My Wedding Now. I Showed Chanda A Trailer Of What I Can Do.
Jogi Says I Hope Mahi Stays Happy And Nothing Comes In Front Of Anyone. I Don’t Want Any Trouble For Mahi.
Pappu Opens His Eyes. Shalu Says Surprise.. It’s A Mannequin. She Says How Will This Dress Look On Me? He Says If A Designer Keeps You Instead Of This Mannequin, All Clothes Would Be Sold. Chanda Comes And Scares Shalu. She Says Thank You For This Dress Bhabhi. You Do So Much For Me. Shalu Is Angry. Chanda Says Bhabhi You Spoil Me So Much. Thank You. Shalu Is Angry. Pappu Says I Can Never Find A Better Wife Than You. Shalu Leaves. Chanda Says These Are The Photos? They Won’t Do Anything. In Today’s World, This Is Nothing. They Are Just Talking. We Need Something Big. Out Of The Box. Something That Makes Everyone Angry. Pappu Says My Smart Sister. I Got Your Point. Get Ready. We Have To Make A Huge Blast. He Says During Her Sangeet There Will Be A Huge Blast In The Tabela.

Scene 4
Sangeet Starts. Pappu Looks At Mahi. He Brings Her Water But There’s Mehndi On Her Hands. Pappu Makes Her Drink The Water. A Girl Asks What’s The Name Of The Groom? Everyone Says Arjun. Pappu Looks At Her. The Song Dil Mein Jo Armaan Thay Plays. They Write Arjun’s Name From Mehndi. Mahi Says Pappu Is A Tabela Singer. If He Sings Everyone Would Run. There Is Someone In Our Neighborhood. His Voice Is So Melodious. I Don’t Know Who He Is. He Makes Everything Better. I Wish He Sang At My Sangeet.

Chanda Comes. She Texts Pappu Jogi Is Here. Seema Says Jogi Starts Singing. Mahi Says He Can’t Sing. Jogi Says I Will Make You Forget That Guy’s Voice. Mahi Says He Sings Main Balak.. Have You Ever Heard It? It’s Magic. Jogi Says I Will Make You Forget Her. Jogi Is About To Sing. Pappu Comes. He Says What Are You Doing In Women? Come With Us. He Says Everyone Was Asking Me To Sing. Pappu Says Come With Me. Seema Says Go Chill With Him.

All Men Are Drinking. Pappu Gives Jogi A Drink And Mixes Something In It. Jogi Says I Am Good. I Don’t Drink It. Pappu Says It’s Your Best Friend’s Wedding. He Says It’s A Wedding, Give Me Sweets. This Has Ruined Many Homes. It Makes You Lose Control. I Hate Alcohol. He Says Okay Leave It. Let’s Have Soda. Pappu Says No It’s Not Good For Health. Pappu Says He’s Saying No To Everything. This Will Ruin The Plan. Chanda Comes. Chanda Says They Drink Lassi. She Gives Him Lassi. He Drinks It. Chanda Mixed Something In It.

Everyone Starts Dancing. Dharampal Comes There And Says I Will Accept All My Sins Today. I Married Shalu And Didn’t Dance. Renu Married, I Didn’t Dance. But I Will Fix That Mix And Dance Today. My Lado Is Getting Is Married Today. They All Start Dancing. Jogi Comes There. He’s Drunk. He Looks At Mahi. Chanda And Pappu Look At Him. Pappu Says Game On.

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