Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 4th March 2021 Written Episode

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Randhir And Amrit Seeing Rajrani Leave. They Go To The Godown And See Uday. They Worry For Uday. Randhir Breaks The Lock And Frees Uday. They Take Uday To Vashma. Vashma Recalls Rajrani’s Words And Acts Rude Towards Uday. She Says Its My Marriage Today, You Know It. He Says You Love Me, You Are Marrying Farooq. She Says I Was Stubborn To Marry You, But Its Good That We Didn’t Marry, Mum Explained Me What’s Poverty, Would We Stay On The Road, Would We Beg To Make A Living Or Work As Labor. She Says I Feel Mum Was Right, I M The Most Sensible Girl In This World. He Asks Did You Get Mad, You Are Hiding Something From Me. She Says I Don’t Love You. He Gets Shocked. Randhir Stops Amrit. Vashma Says Love Looks Good Just In Movies, Get Out Of Here, Don’t Spoil My Clothes By Touching Me. They Get Shocked.

Randhir Asks Uday To Come With Him. They Leave. Amrit Cries And Sees Vashma. She Makes Vashma Swear On Her. She Says Tell Me, You Told Him The Truth. Vashma Refuses And Cries. She Says I Thought We Will Live And Die In Love, I Didn’t Think Of Our Families, Everyone Will Die With Us, If We Run Away, Then Fire Will Burn Both The Families, Hearts And Friendship, You Will Burn In That Fire. They Cry. Vashma Says My Uday’s Family Will Burn, Abrar Will Never Understand My Love, He Will Take Revenge On You, I Have To Think For Every Women Whose Respect Is Targeted By Men. Amrit Says You Are Giving A Big Sacrifice For Both The Families, Don’t Know What Uday Is Thinking About You. Vashma Says I Was Proud That Uday Can’t Live Without Me, But Today, I Regret It. They Hug And Cry. Randhir Pacifies Uday. He Says I Know What You Are Going Through, At Least, You Have Tried.

He Says If You Have Vashma’s Love In Your Fate, Then You Will Surely Get It. Uday Shuts The Room’s Door. Randhir Goes To Meet Lala And Rajrani. He Says I Will Leave, Take Care. He Leaves. Lala Says I Made A Wrong Decision In Hurry, We Should Have Not Done Amrit’s Roka With Him. Radha Comes And Falls In His Feet. She Says Forgive Me, Then I Will Tell The Truth, If Brij Does A Sin, Then He Will Go To The Heaven. Lala Says Rajrani, Ask Her What She Means To Say. Radha Says Promise Me, You Will Forgive Me. He Asks The Matter. She Says Zohra Had Come Here, Brij Had Gone To Her Brothel, Not Randhir. Lala Gets Shocked. Radha Says Randhir Came There Later To Get Brij Back, Its A Bad Place, He Kept Silent And Took The Blame On Himself To Save Brij From Scolding. Lala Goes And Stops Randhir From Leaving. He Asks Randhir Not To Go, He Has 25 Days To Prove Himself. He Says I Won’t Break My Promise. Randhir And Amrit Smile.

Radha Says I Could Have Hidden The Matter From Lala, Not Lord, So I Told The Truth To Lala. Randhir Says I Didn’t See Anyone Like You In The World. Radha Blesses Them And Goes. Amrit Says I Can’t Be Happy Seeing Uday And Vashma’s Sorrow. Randhir Goes To Hug Her And Stops. Music Plays… Vashma And Farooq’s Marriage Is Happening. Everyone Attends The Marriage. Qazi Asks Vashma Does She Accept The Nikaah.

Vashma Recalls Uday And Cries. Abrar Gets Angry. She Says Qubool Hai. Everyone Gets Relieved. Uday Sits In The Washroom. He Recalls His Closeness With Vashma. He Says I Accept This. He Takes A Bath. Vashma And Farooq Get Married. Everyone Hugs And Congratulates. Farooq Smiles Seeing Her Face In The Mirror. He Sees Her Crying And Gets Angry. Vashma’s Bidaai Rituals Begin. She Hugs Her Family And Cries. Uday Comes. Abrar Smiles. Uday Looks On And Lifts Her Doli. Vashma Cries. Everyone Gets Sad. Randhir Says I Know You Are Very Upset, I Hope That Your Faith On Love Didn’t Get Less. Amrit Says My Faith On Love Has Increased, I Wish Uday Becomes Strong. He Says Yes, Take Care, I Have To Go Early Morning. She Asks Where. He Says For Completing Some Incomplete Work.

Its Morning, Lala Throws Brij’s Things. He Scolds Her. He Says I Stayed Silent Yesterday Because Of Vashma’s Marriage. Rajrani Says Think Again. Lala Says I Have Thought Well All Night, Brij Doesn’t Deserve To Be Called My Brother, I Know You Had Gone To The Brothel. Brij Asks Such A Big Punishment For Visiting A Brothel, You Didn’t Ask Me Why Did I Go There, Because Of This Woman. He Blames Radha. Radha Cries. Randhir Meets Zohra. He Says I Heard That You Give Peace To People Who Come Here After Heartbreak, I Got To Know That You Break Families. Zohra Worries And Asks What Are You Saying, I Didn’t Understand. He Says Rich People Come Here, They Don’t Want Their Secret To Follow Them, When You Come There And Reveal Their Secrets, Then No Rich Man Will Come Here With The Fear Of Getting Stains.

He Says People Will Stop Trusting You, Your Brothel Will Get Shut. She Says No. He Asks What Did You Get By Defaming Me, I Used To Respect Every Woman Working Here, I Didn’t Think They Are Tawaif, But Artists, Who Know To Wear Ghungroo And Connect Hearts, A Person Who Has A Medicine For Every Sorrow, But You Are Just A Woman Who Made This Deal To Sell The People’s Trust, When You Didn’t Miss To Defame Me, I Had Come To Save Two Innocent Girls. She Says Sorry I Had To Lie. He Asks Who Paid You The Money, If You Stay Quiet, Then I Will Tell Everyone The Truth. She Says No, Farooq Had Given Me The Money, He Convinced Me To Lie Against You, There Was A Woman With Her, I Heard Them Talking, She Said She Is Happy. Randhir Asks Her To Describe That Woman. She Says She Was Wearing Salwar Kameez, She Was Saying Rab Rab Rab All The Time. Randhir Gets Shocked And Says Rab Rab Rab.

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