Choti Sardarni 4th March 2021 Written Episode

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Seher Holds Sarab’s Hand And Recalls How She Used To Define Her Dad. That He Would Be Handsome With Strong Biceps. Kids Said This Is A Snowman. Seher Cries And Says My Papa Came. Sarab Kisses Her Hands. He Hugs Her. Seher Says I Love You, Papa. Sarab Says I Love You Too. Seher Says I Always Imagined My Papa Coming To Me And Hugging Me. Meher Says But He Can’t Walk. He’s Not Well.

The Doctor Calls Harleen And Says Since The Bruise Is On The Head, It Impacts In Long Term. Make Sure He Doesn’t Get Stress. He Shouldn’t Drive Or Go To Work. Harleen Says, Okay Doctor.

Seher Is Sitting On A Sofa. Sarab Comes Walking There. Meher, Param, And Karan Help Him Walk. Seher Says You Walk Like A King. Are You The King Of This Palace? He Says Yes And You Know Why? Because You’re The Princess Of This Palace. Param Says And We Are A Prince. Seher Says Really, Mama? Meher Says Yes. Sarab Says You Will Live Like A Princess. Everything Will Be Like How You Want It. Harleen Comes In. She Says Are You Crazy? You Know The Doctor Asked You To Rest. Why Are You Walking? Other People Don’t Care. Sarab Says Relax Di. Harleen Says Kids, Go To Your Room. Papa Needs To Rest. Harleen Makes Him Lay On Bed. Karan Says There’s A Witch Aunty Too In This Palace.

Samaira Packs Her Bag. Harleen Says Where Are You Going? You And Sarab Haven’t Gotten Engaged. Samaira Says Meher Is Back, They Are Made For Each Other. I Don’t Have A Place In This House. Harleen Says Meher Doesn’t Have A Place In This House. I Assure You She Will Only Stay Here For Two Days. You Are Not Going Anywhere. Samaira Says I Am Sorry But I Can’t Stay Here, Let Me Go. Samaira Leaves. Harleen Starts Crying. Samaira Stops. She Says Meher Brings Bad Luck To This House. You Saw What Happened To Sarab. Things Only Go Bad With Him When Meher Is Around. Do You Care About Him? She Says Yes I Do. Harleen Says Then Please Stay. Samaira Says Only For You I Can Stay. Harleen Says Because Of You Sarab Will Get A Speedy Recovery.

Sarab Reads A Couplet For Meher. It’s Samaira. She Says Not Bad. You Appreciated My Shadow At Least. He Says I Thought.. Samaira Says I Didn’t Know You Flirt So Much. Meher Says Don’t Ask, He’s Very Flirty. Samaira Says But You Were Very Shy In College. Meher Says What? He Said Girls Used To Be Crazy After You. Samaira Says Girls Were, One Is Still Today. She Gives Medicines And Leaves. Meher Gives Sarab Meds. He Says You Make It Better Not The Meds. Meher Says Let Me Get The Kids. Sarab Stops Her And Says Kids Are Sleeping. They Are Happy There, And We Happy Here. Meher Says I See Your Happiness. He Says You Are In Front Of Me Why Won’t I Be? We Are Together After 5 Years. Need To Reduce The Distance. Meher Says Take These Meds. He Says I Hate Meds. He Says Show Me The Prescription. He Says It Says Two Kisses. Meher Smiles And Says We Need To Change This Doctor. He Says Come On. The Doctor Said It. It’s About My Health. Meher Says I Get It All. He Says One Kiss Then? Meher Says What If I Don’t Give It? He Says 5 Years Ago When We Met For The Last Time You Didn’t Kiss Me. What If We Part Again? Meher Says Don’t Say That. Meher Says I Would Prefer Death Over Being Away From You. If I Go Away From You Now, I Will Die. Sarab Says As If I Would Stay Alive. Meher Kisses Him. Sarab Holds Her Close. Meher Tries To Go Away. Sarab Pulls Her Dupatta. He Kisses Her Neck.

Meher Wakes Up Next To Sarab. She Kisses Him And Recalls Last Night. Meher Gets Out Of The Bed. Meher Comes To The Kids. They Are All Sleeping Together. Meher Smiles.

Kulwant Comes Outside With Women. She Curses Meher. Meher Says What Is This Drama? She Says This Is Matam. When Your Husband And Kids Die, You Will Know What This Is. Meher Shouts Mummy Ji.. Kulwant Says Don’t Call Me Mummy Ji. I Did My Daughter’s Funeral. A Stranger Can’t Call Me Mummy Ji. Meher Says Okay Then, Kulwant Kaur, This Is My Warning. Leave From Here With Your Curses. Kulwant Says Do What You Want. Your Husband Will Die. All Women Repeat With Her. Samaira Says What Is Your Mom Doing? What’s Wrong With Her? Harleen Says Everything Is Wrong With Her. The Stain Of Murder On Meher’s Head Brings This To Us. This Is Why I Asked You To Go Away From Us And Leave Sarab And The Kids Alone. Because Of You Neither Sarab Would Stay Happy Nor Kids. Kulwant And Her Women Say Param Dies, Karan Dies, Seher Dies, Sarab Dies.

Meher Brings A Fan Outside. Kulwant Says Nothing Can Make Me Leave. I Have The Courage. Meher Says I Have More Courage Than You. Meher Says I Am A Martyred Soldier’s Daughter. I Was Born Brave. Kulwant Keeps Cursing Them. Meher These Spices Will Make You Run. She Places It In Front Of The Fans. All Women Scream And Run. Their Eyes Are Burning. Kulwant Keeps Standing. Her Eyes Hurt But She Keeps Standing. Harleen Says See Samaira, Meher, And Her Family Are A Curse For Us. Kulwant Coughs But Keeps Cursing Meher And Her Family. Kulwant Coughs. Meher Feels Bad For Her. She Holds Her Clothes. Kulwant Leaves.

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