Barister Babu 4th March 2021 Written Episode

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Anirudh Going To The Police. He Doesn’t Reveal Any Info And Goes To His Seat. The Girl Looks On And Thinks Why Did He Not Take My Name. She Goes. Anirudh Gets Hit By The Falling Tree Branch. She Tries To Help. She Sees The Blood Coming Out Of His Head. She Does The Aid. He Sees Her And Says You… She Asks Why Did You Not Tell The Police About Me, 250rs Isn’t Enough. He Says I Won’t Earn Money By Giving Your Info, Country Is Most Imp To Me, Than My Life. The Constable Asks Them To Vacate The Place, Viceroy General Is Coming. He Asks Her To Leave, Her Life Can Be In Trouble. She Leaves.

Bondita Gets Shocked Seeing Anirudh Hurt. She Asks How Did You Get Hurt. He Asks Her To Focus On Her Studies. She Tells About Kabir Das’ Writing On Love. He Says Kabir Das Has Written Well On Love. He Says But Love Is Different For Everyone, Its Different In Every Relation, Nothing Is Same, Its Not Right Or Wrong, It Just Happens, Love Comes As A Storm And Takes The Person Along. He Says When Love Happens, It Happens For Lifetime. She Goes. He Says This Wasn’t Written In Kabir Das’ Book. He Puts The Money In The Savings Box. He Says Its Just 150rs. Sampoorna Waits For Binoy. Trilochan Says What Happened, Are You Waiting For Binoy To Trap Him.

He Says If You Are Thinking That You Will Convince Him And Give Roy Choudhary’s Heir, Then Its Wrong, Just Bondita Will Give The Heir. Sampoorna Thinks I Have To Do Something That They Don’t Think Of Coming Back. Bondita Shouts To Anirudh. He Runs Inside. He Sees The Roof Breaking Down. He Asks How Did This Happen. Sampoorna Comes There To Insult Them. She Says Durga Maa Has Helped You, You Got An Excuse To Not Keep The Promise, What Will Happen If You Don’t Take Money From The Family, You Can Lose Esteem, But Get The Fees. He Says No, I Will Pay The Fees Myself, I Will Do Anything To Get Her Fees, She Will Go To School.

Anirudh Says She Will Become Barister Babu Bondita. Bondita Nods. He Goes To The Court. The Man Says There Is A Strike, The Court Is Shut Today. Anirudh Asks How Will I Get The Fees. He Gets A Note And Goes To Meet The Girl Behind The Temple. He Meets Her. It Rains. Bondita Enjoys The Rain. Anirudh Asks What’s Your Name. The Girl Says What’s In The Name, You Can Call Me Anything, I M A Krantikari And A Good Spy, I Can Also Find Lord For My Room, Our Meeting Isn’t A Coincidence, But A Motive, You Need Money, You Can Do Anything For Justice. He Says This Isn’t The Answer To My Question.

Bondita Talks To The Ladies And Laughs. She Says I Understand Love Now. The Lady Asks Her To Express It To Anirudh, Do Something, Like He Has Made A Washroom For You. Bondita Says Yes, He Helped Me A Lot. She Recalls Anirudh. She Says He Is The Solution For My Problems. The Girl Says I Have To Make My Krantikari Friends From The Jail, I Want Some Smart And Brave Supporter, One Who Has A Passion To Support Truth, You Didn’t Get Me Caught, I Have To Free My Friends. He Asks How Can I Help You. She Says You Can Help Me In Making A Plan To Make My Friend Escape, If We Get Caught, Then Police Can Shoot Us, I Promise To Send Money Anywhere You Say If You Die In This Task. He Recalls Bondita.

The Girl’s Umbrella Flies Off. He Gives Her A Shelter Under His Umbrella. Bondita Says I Didn’t Do Anything For You, You Help Me, I Have To Express My Patni Dharm. He Says I Have A Passion That Will Be Useful For My Country, If I Die, Then Name It For My Passion For Country’s Freedom, I Can’t Leave This Chance To Get The Fees For My Wife’s School, Thanks For Not Hurting My Principles And Giving Me This Chance To Serve My Country, I Won’t Have Any Regret, Tell Me What To Do. She Tells Her Plan. Bondita Is Still Talking To The Ladies. The Girl Says Bondita Shouldn’t Know This. He Thinks.

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